Supercharge Your Life & Coaching Business

Become the coach you would want yourself to be with the Tools® by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

A coaching journey based on Phil Stutz’s Tools® is THE best way to help you get rid of insecurity and inferiority you to feeling self-confidence and deep connection with yourself, which will not only make you take super good care of yourself, but also put you in action mode over and over again, coach with passion, achieve great results with your clients making you and your coaching business thrive like never before.

Dear coach, is the following recognizable?

There is something in you that sabotages you over and over again to go all-in for your coaching business. You constantly doubt yourself and your ability. You regularly feel like an imposter just doing whatever.

As a result, you’ve already taken a zillion courses, indeed you’re often in several at once (even now), but no new piece of paper finally gives you the self-confidence (promised by yourself).

Often you think: if only I have that degree, then I will be even better, even more of value, then I will probably finally feel it and I can finally let go!

The standard coaching courses have taught you a lot, and it was all very interesting, but still you don’t feel like you are helping your clients all that brilliantly.

When you open your social media you see so many other coaches and they are nice and visible, come across as confident…. and secretly you sometimes feel, I know I’m at least as good, but why doesn’t it come out!

Meanwhile, you have some clients, but your business is not really getting off the ground as you would like. And you don’t need another business coach either, you know it’s down to your mindset and perseverance.

“how you do one thing, is how you do anything” is also about you, because

Because of the above business frustrations, you’re not exactly living a healthy life either. (You eat (freeze) too much, sleep and exercise too little and relaxation is almost non-existent. You are overweight, tired and regularly despondent, even though you make it appear otherwise in the few moments you show up online.

You often feel fake. Not exactly the epitome of a coach who has her sh* together herself.

If you continue like this you can close your tent. Adios dream of a successful coaching practice….

Become a coach full of confidence

A shining example of loving self-discipline where you can be fully yourself, knowing that is more than good enough!

You want to

  • be able to lead your coaching practice uninhibited by your inner critic
  • full of self-confidence and self-love, being a great coach
  • serving your clients by being a good example yourself, but also helping them with practical techniques that REALLY work
  • What REALLY sets you apart from other coaches
  • giving you a successful coaching practice, where you “lead by example,” because above all you take super good care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and you radiate that on all sides!

Summary: You want to become a Supercharged Coach? Then this is the track for you!

“Take one step forward and face your inner demons, and if you take that one step forward you will find the courage you seek, the courage necessary to overcome your fears and become the hero you are meant to be.”

What if you…

  • time after time would defeat your inner saboteur?
  • would run your business from a sense of deep connection and, in the process, constantly feel the self-confidence you so desire?
  • you would only have clients who are made soulfully happy to be helped by you?
  • and feel to the core of your being that you are making the big difference to the people you coach
  • coaching practice dream would come true in a way you never imagined and giving up would never be im Frage again?
  • And that in addition to all this, you would take super good care of yourself, giving you a great look and making everyone want what you have?

Supercharge Your Life & Coaching Business

This track is largely based on the work of my great heroes Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. You go to creating a deep sense of self-confidence as a coach, an entrepreneur, but most importantly as a human being. A life in which you are fully yourself as a coach and do what is right for you every day and therefore for all your clients and everyone around you. You begin to love yourself and your life like never before, rising into an energy that no longer seems to be your own. You will learn what it means to follow your heart and begin to do so. Out of the turmoil and inferiority and into the magic and infinity of The Life Force.

This process takes 10 months (real change, of course, does not come in the snap of a finger, you understand that too). A life and coaching practice that leads you in freedom, full of confidence, with courage and love! It has been waiting on your doorstep for a long time. Yooh Dingdong! Will you open?

Look down: there’s a big doormat with WELCOME on it in front of you. Take the message literally and step into the door of the Tools School and become the coach you wish you had yourself!

The content of this course

  • 1-1 Intake coaching session, in which we explore what you like to do
  • A super valuable enthusiast video lesson every month
  • Monthly group coaching calls with the Tools®
  • In the course we cover 12 Tools® anyway, but in the coaching calls they are also covered
  • 2 live days so you get into live energy in self-love and confidence with other women
  • Insight assignments, meditations, visualizations and, of course, Tools®!
  • Closing coaching session
  • Loving intimate community. You are seen and we do it together! 💖

In 10 lessons we will work on the following lesson topics:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What’s holding you back?(Part X)
  • From fear to love
  • Deal with your shit
  • What you give attention to grows
  • Goal Setting. Do!
  • From goals to system
  • Living with love
  • Be the change

We will cover at least 12 Tools® by Phil Stutz in the classes and in addition we will discuss some of them on the live days/in the calls.

In addition to the above, there are 5 classes where we will cover teaching others the Tools® and using the Tools® in your business, among other topics.

What does it get you?
You will become the confident, loving and courageous coach you would want yourself to be.
What is your investment?
2250 excluding VAT for one year (also possible to pay in installments—.
The contents

The track lasts 10 months Start April 1, 2023

You get:

A 1-1 intake coaching session with me personally

Every month (10x) a super inspiring video lesson where we will work first with you and then with how you use the Tools in your coaching business. We handle 12 Tools in this track anyway. The lessons can also be listened to via audio.

10 group coaching calls for all your questions, additional info and live in-group treatment of the Tools.

2 Living Days

An exclusive intimate community where you are seen and all your questions are answered.

The presentations including assignments and Tools to be used as reference work

A closing coaching session

Certificate Supercharge Your Life & Coaching Business

In short. everything you need to make your life, your coaching and therefore your business a masterpiece!

Let’s do this! ❤️

Bonus to this track:
the lifestyle program Live Your Healthy Life in 60 days worth 497,- !

If you want to coach and lead your business in freedom, full of (self)confidence with courage and love….

Then Supercharge Your Life & Coaching Business is really for you!

Want to know more?

If so, please read on.

About me

Since the first coaching session, which I got to experience for myself, I felt something about the profession of Coach. I loved the idea that I could also help people deeply on an individual basis rather than just as a teacher for a group. In fact, at that time I was still a Nutrition teacher, but I immediately started looking into training opportunities and less than four weeks later I was sitting a coach practitioner course. It was incredibly educational, especially the lots of practice brought me a lot, but I had a lesser feeling with the coaching techniques taught. They mostly provided many insights (including past ones), but little enlightenment.

Still, I took all the training courses my employer made me take, hoping that this would give me enough baggage (read: self-confidence) to, now my big dream, start my own coaching practice.

I was already doing some coaching on the side in my teaching and with my partner we also coached people on nutrition and lifestyle. But somewhere I always felt like a fraud. I found the steps I had learned difficult to apply and had no, to little, real feel for them.

Until one fine day the book The Tools found me (yes, you read that right). It was an audiobook and already with the first few sentences I had the feeling: THIS IS ABOUT ME! I was immediately hooked and since then I have devoured everything that appears from the creators, my hero Phil Stutz and his highly regarded associate. I used the Tools® in everything I did and also in coaching in addition to the work I was already doing.

From that one moment, now 7 years ago, my life has changed drastically, even 180 degrees. For every live education/training that Phil and Barry have given since then, I boarded the plane to America. I am incredibly honored to be able to use their Tools and be personally named a Tool® coach by them. The only one in the Netherlands!

Through continuous application of the Tools®, I went from being someone with a continuous lack of self-esteem (although no one would have noticed that on the outside with me unless you really knew me), and with various addictions, to step by step becoming a woman/mom and coach with self-confidence and loving discipline who takes super good care of herself.

Thanks to The Tools®, I quit my job, wrote my first book and started my own coaching practice in 2019, despite being terrified. My 2nd book is now out and my second business started.

I would like to be very best coach for my clients that can be found. The Tools make the difference for me in embodying being that coach and I work on that with love and gratitude every day.

“There is unlimited potential inside every person. When we transform ourselves, we not only fulfill our own potential, we elevator up all of humanity.”

Phil Stutz & Barry Michels