Find your power in your shadow

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Find your power in your shadow
Monday, Jan. 30, 8 p.m.

What I see a lot with my clients is that they are done with:

😫 their doubts about themselves causing them to sabotage themselves and not do what they would like to do in their life and business. This could include such things as: being visible, creating webinars and/or eating healthy and exercising

😫 As soon as they venture onto social media, they are often comparing themselves to others and thinking they don’t have enough to offer or wondering what makes them so special compared to all those others.

😫 They can also be extremely critical of themselves and harsh: “Why don’t you do what you agreed with yourself! You know it all so well, but you don’t do it! (or not consistently enough). You’re such a dork too!”

😫 They often seek recognition and affirmation from others, dare not follow their own path, or often doubt what their path actually is….

😫 Because of these doubts, they are often all-or-nothing types when it comes to their business and whole life. Or they are super-motivated and go full throttle for something, only to collapse again for a few days or at best weeks. This in turn makes them feel terribly unhappy and makes them feel like a loser or weakling.

Do you want to get rid of your mental shitshow so that you can be permanently in action mode in all areas of your life and business?

Shadow work using the Phil Stutz Tools® coaching method is the key to success!

I also stood there where you are standing now.

I believed for decades that I was not good enough.

Deep down, I wanted so much to start a coaching practice and write books, but there were always those beliefs and that negative voice:

– “No one is waiting for me.”

– “Who am I to …?”

– “There are so many coaches already… What makes me so special?”

– “What if it fails?”

– “Others are so much better than you.”

Until I got serious about shadowing. This work turned out to be the golden key that made me dare to quit my job, start a successful coaching practice and write and publish 2 books, more than 10,000 of which have now been sold.

You are here to fulfill your potential.
“If not you then who? If not now then when?”

HOW you do that? The answer lies in your shadow. I am very happy to explain it to you. Sign up for this free online master class!

Break free from your insecurity and sense of worthlessness and move toward boldness and confidence in your life and business.

If you are going to integrate your shadow:

💞 Are you going to run your business and life from deep trust. You stop your continuous doubting and get into action mode again and again! If you feel insecure or worthless, you can signal this and see it as a trigger so that you immediately turn this feeling around.

💞 Learn to not only know your worth, but especially to feel it, as you also acknowledge, affirm your dark sides over and over again. No longer do you compare yourself to others, but see what you can learn from them without being envious.

💞 Are you able to consciously make your choices. Those critical voices are still there, but you have figured them out and can transform them in a way that serves you rather than sabotages you.

💞 You also get clearer and clearer what your personal path is. After all, your shadow leads the way. By making that connection, you feel again and again who you want to be and what you have to do.

💞 Experience that there may also be a middle ground. No longer is it black or white or all or nothing. But it can be EN-EN and as a result you not only act and feel much more relaxed, but you also learn to love yourself with everything in it: the good, the bad & the ugly.

It’s high time you got rid of your critical voice and mental shitshow,

So that you become the coach and person you are destined to be!

Are you ready to lead your coaching business and life from deep self-confidence?

Then this master class is really for you!

You will discover and learn in the master class:
❤️ what your shadow is and why it is important to connect with her

❤️ why shadowing is indispensable in your business

❤️ what it takes to become independent of judgments and criticism (from yourself and others).

❤️ how to steer your own course, instead of constantly doubting.

❤️ what it takes to go from thinking what you should to feeling what you really want

❤️ what it means to also help your coach clients with shadow work

“A woman is whole only when she takes into account her shadow.”

Who am I?

Sylvia Holtslag! Pleasant! 💞 (You can see me pictured here with my little topper: Jimmy)

Since the first coaching session, which I was allowed to undergo myself, I felt something about the profession of Coach. I loved the idea that I could also help people deeply on an individual basis rather than just as a teacher for a group. In fact, at that time I was still a Nutrition teacher, but I immediately started looking into training opportunities and less than four weeks later I was sitting a coach practitioner course. It was incredibly educational, especially the lots of practice brought me a lot, but I had a lesser feeling with the coaching techniques taught. They mostly provided many insights (including past ones), but little real enlightenment.

Still, I took all the training courses my employer made me take, hoping that this would give me enough baggage (read: self-confidence) to, now my big dream, start my own coaching practice.

I was already doing some coaching, on the side, in my teaching, and together with my partner we also coached people on nutrition and lifestyle. But somewhere I always felt like a fraud. I found the steps I had learned difficult to apply and had no, to little, real feel for them.

Until one fine day in 2016, the book The Tools found me (yes, you read that right). It was an audiobook and already with the first few sentences I had the feeling: THIS IS ABOUT ME! I was instantly hooked and since then I have devoured everything that appears from its creators, my hero Phil Stutz and his highly regarded associate Barry Michels. I used the Tools® in everything I did and also in coaching in addition to the work I was already doing.

From that one moment, now 7 years ago, my life changed drastically, even 180 degrees. For every live education/training that Phil and Barry have given since then, I get on a plane to America. I am incredibly honored to be able to use their Tools and be personally named a Tool® coach by them. The only one in the Netherlands!

Phil and Barry’s shadow work is unique. Not as you know it in regular coaching courses.

Through continuous application of the Tools®, I went from being someone with a continuous lack of self-esteem (although no one would have noticed that on the outside with me unless you really knew me), and with various addictions, to step by step becoming a woman/mom and coach with self-confidence and loving discipline who takes super good care of herself.

Thanks to The Tools®, I quit my job, wrote my first book and started my own coaching practice in 2019, despite being terrified. My 2nd book is now out and my second business is now running. I have clients from all over the world, because more and more people are realizing (FINALLY!) how well the Tools® work.

I would like to be very best coach for my clients that can be found. The Tools make the difference for me in embodying being that coach and I work on that with love and gratitude every day.

Who is this master class for?

For the coach or ambitious (business) woman who:

💖 Wanting to get rid of her insecurity and sense of inferiority

💖 Wants to be able to run her coaching business confidently

💖 Perfectionism wants to be able to let go.

💖 Wants to be able to let criticism slide away from them

💖 Wants to take good care of himself.

💖 Want to be able to let go of fears and old hurts.

💖 Ready to start living unfettered as her real self.

Bring an open mind! 😊