What's Next?

A fantastic life awaits you

A wonderful book that is secretly the loving kick in the butt to start making something of your life!

In your daily life, you may have everything materially, but feel no fulfillment, no real meaning. In fact, you sometimes literally drag yourself through the day. You often lack energy, live from thing to thing, time for yourself is not much.

You realize that life is short and want things to be different. You feel there is more to you. But how and then what? Where to start?

Time to take action! What’s Next? is there to help you. Bring it on!

“Is a fantastic life still for me?”

We often can hardly believe that we could go through life in a much more positive energy, more conscious, free and happy. We often think:

“It’s too late, I’m too old, I’m not good enough, there must be something wrong with me, what will others think if I choose myself, the time must be right first…”

Bla, bla bla. Bullshit!
There can be all sorts of reasons that cause us to just accept an “oh yes, well, prima life.” And all the while you do have what many others would certainly consider a beautiful life….

You have a good job/business, a family/partner/friends, a roof over your head, you can go on vacation, have nice things and clothes, and you also do fun things regularly. It would make you want to feel happier, but it doesn’t fulfill you.

You sometimes feel flattened, even though you hold your mask high and it all feels only mediocre.

As a result, you lapse into escape behaviors: too much food/snacking, alcohol, excessive shopping, social media or some other addiction just to distract yourself and not have to feel what is actually the problem.

Nothing changes if you don’t change.

What’s Next?

A 100% life including a strong mindset

My book takes you through 10 steps to awareness and action.
If you do what I teach you, you know:

  • who you are, who you want to be and what you need to do
  • What keeps holding you back and how you deal with it
  • How to find and create meaning and inspiration in your daily existence
  • How to stop being limited by time, your surroundings or lack of energy
  • How you’re going to feel like you can take on the whole world: Hell yeah! Bring it on!
  • That the possibilities for a fantastic life are limitless

Living in an energy that no longer seems to be your own!

“It sounds almost too good to be true.”

How sinful is this really? That you can hardly believe it could be so different. But also YOU, yes anyone can live a kick-ass life!

With What’s Next? learn how to do things differently.

I also had such a life, where on paper I “had it all.” Relationally, materially and financially, I should have been happy. But I wasn’t and I was sick and tired of going on like this.

I had completely lost myself, whoever that might be, because I had no idea. Therefore, I decided to change course and stepped out of the rich but empty life.

In this book, I share with you my journey, the wisdom I’ve been privileged to learn and how I got over my mental shitshow and how you can do the same and not have to dump your guy or quit your job first. Above all, you will learn how you will very practically create meaning in your life.

You go from being a victim to becoming the hero(s) of your own life.

In addition, it is a beautiful book, with not only my very personal story woven through it, but also that of famous and less famous Dutch people such as: Giel Beelen, René van Collem (Doe Maar), Veronique Prins, Mariska van Dam and Wendy de Boer. They also share how they took back control of their lives, so YOU can learn how to do the same.

“Stop thinking, start doing and live 100 percent.”

Sylvia Holtslag

What will this book bring you? You…

👉 Know who you are, what you want and how you will implement it

👉 discovers how to find meaning in your daily existence

👉 Get out of distractions and procrastination and start feeding yourself, both physically and mentally instead of filling up

👉 experience more peace within yourself and also become much more relaxed toward your environment

👉 Feel inspired and know you have it in you to go for a no less than fantastic life

👉 Enters an energy that no longer seems to be your own

👉 You can handle the whole world because you become mentally stronger and much kinder to yourself.

What's Next?

A fantastic life awaits you

Is this really for me?

I can imagine you still have doubts.

A fantastic life… ? Is that even for me?

The answer is YES!

In fact, it’s already at your door, you just have to open it.

The key to that door is in your hands with this book.
Stop (over)thinking and doubting, start doing and live 100%.

It is never too late to become who you could have been.

12 reasons to get started immediately with What’s Next? getting started


👉 finally gets rid of restlessness and that mèh feeling, out of the rut of your life

👉 discover that you are not alone when it comes to what is going on in your head

👉 Become aware of what sabotages you and how you deal with it

👉 is going to feel inspired and motivated to get rid of (unconscious) addictions and/or distractions

👉 Learn how to very simply get rid of those irritating voices in your head

👉 finds out what really matters to you

👉 is going to accept the past and let go of worries about the future

👉 going to experience what self-confidence and self-love really is and how to get and hold it

👉 Know how to keep kicking yourself to do what is needed

👉 is going to realize that you don’t need anything external to feel good about yourself

👉 is going to experience meaning and purpose

👉 Get up every day in an unprecedented energy that no longer seems to be your own

How many more reasons do you need? Or do you (like me not so long ago) prefer to stay in your mental shitshow? Exactly: What’s Next? That fantastic life is eager to be lived. Bring it on!

Do you want peace within yourself? Do you really want to feel happy and good, instead of frustrated and despondent about yourself and your life? Do you want a life with love?

Have you tried all kinds of things to feel better and nothing seems to work long term? Then this book is for you.

Why What’s Next?

In this video, I tell you why What’s Next? could also help you.

With the personal stories of


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