Supercharge Your Life with the Tools®.

Would you like to get serious about the Tools®? Then Supercharge Your Life is really for you!

Deep inside you feel … there is so much more in you! But you’ve been stuck in the same old story for years:

  • You are never good enough. You try so hard, but you never get the recognition you so badly want. Not from yourself and not from others.
  • As a result, you regularly don’t take good care of yourself because you often get like: “what the hell” and as a result you fall into the same trap again and again when it comes to your self-care and then you feel failing and guilty.
  • You also often think it’s because of time, your situation or others, but deep down you know better.
  • Time after time you start something new. Whether it’s a new diet, new partner, new course, vacation or a pair of new shoes. You always have to have or do something to feel good. It’s all distractions and you know it.
  • The feeling of something new, never lasts and you’re done with that.

You are ready for profound, lasting change,

Because you know it’s up to you. You are willing to work seriously with yourself.

The Tools® are suitable for everyone!

All you need is an open mind and that you are willing to take a bloody honest look at yourself and work on yourself.

In many ways, this track will be different from anything you’ve ever heard or learned. Indeed, the Tools® work thanks to mysterious invisible forces. That may sound floaty and like a distant concept, but you don’t even have to believe in it. The important thing is to do it and then judge for yourself.

“I’ve been doing it consistently for 7 years now and I can tell you: this sh* works and it’s life changing.”

What is the purpose of working with the Tools©?


change your patterns that will allow you to reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

These are words you may have read more often; by now they have become a hollow term. But thanks to Tools®, they are not just words. Moreover, it is not just about getting a six-pack or more money in the bank (since these are only external things), but about being able to achieve deep happiness from within, over and over again.

You change deep-seated patterns to a new system of thinking, feeling and acting.

Ask yourself. Who would you be without:



-Disappointments about people, situations and life itself

-Negative thinking

-Anger and rage


-Energy Problems




-Lack of (self-)love



I can tell you: FREE. You would be free and joyful through life!

You become who you want to be. It is a process and you have it to practice so that it becomes your new system. That’s why this process takes 10 months, but it is a lifelong process, in which you become stronger and stronger in all areas. Physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

What makes this track with the Tools® different from other tracks and methods?

Working with the Tools® changes your whole state of being. Again and again. And if you keep practicing it, as I’ve been doing for 7 years now, you can change your mental and feeling state with the snap of a finger and keep it at position ON. That is why I am such a big fan, they are incredibly practical and simple to apply. In Supercharge Your Life, you go step by step to creating the life you love, using the Tools®.

The content of this course

  • 1-1 Intake coaching session, in which we explore what you would like to do
  • A super valuable enthusiast video lesson every month
  • Monthly group coaching calls with the Tools®
  • In the course we cover a minimum of 12 Tools®, but they are also covered in the coaching calls
  • 2 live days so you come into live energy in self-love and trust with others
  • Insight assignments, meditations, visualizations and, of course, Tools®!
  • Closing coaching session
  • Loving intimate community. You are seen and we do it together! 💖

In 10 lessons we will work on the following topics:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What’s holding you back?(Part X)
  • From fear to love
  • Deal with your shit
  • What you give attention to grows
  • Goal Setting. Do!
  • From goals to system
  • Living with love
  • Be the change
What does it get you?
You get out of your head and live from your heart? You go into each day feeling betek
What is your investment?
1497.- (also possible to pay in 12 monthly installments of 129.-)

How the Tools® found me

The moment the Tools found me, I will never forget. It was during the time when I was a teacher. I was at a point in my life where I was actually tired of my work life. I no longer took pleasure in it. At the end of a regular work day, I was in the car on my way home. The radio was on and the 6 o’clock news sounded through the speakers.

Nothing out of the ordinary as I followed the news closely. Both domestic and foreign, radio or TV, news sites and apps with push notifications on “breaking” events. I thought it was extremely important to be as informed as possible about the goings-on in the world. After all, that showed interest, and it also allowed me to follow along with current events.

At night I went to sleep, listening to Two Today, and in the morning I got up again, scrolling through During election time, I additionally followed all kinds of opinion programs and talk shows featuring politicians. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the news was my newest, supposedly healthy, addiction.

But that day I was suddenly completely done with it. I had completely stopped listening to those monotonous voices with their negative information. The penny dropped. I realized that I could spend my time more usefully, than following all the news. I wanted to listen to something that would enrich me and wondered if there was such a thing as audiobook apps. When I stopped for a break along the highway at a gas station, for a greasy snack and a sneaky cigarette at a picnic table next to the parking lot (I was not only a news addict, but also addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and shopping) I found out that there was such an app. I was already scrolling among the many books on personal development with a fag on my lip. I chose a few and got back into the car.

The very first book I listened to discussed a tool from the book “the Tools. It sounded so interesting that I immediately wanted to know more about this, and I immediately switched to the audiobook The Tools. At the very first sentences, it rained quarters. I was hooked! This audiobook I played gray, so to speak, and the reading book I subsequently bought is my most read. This was exactly what I needed. I went to practice the Tools, practice and more practice. I was Tools, I ate Tools, I breathed Tools.

Since then, not a day has gone by that I don’t use Tool. They are truly BRIL-JANT as far as I, and many others who work with them, are concerned. You won’t know what the Tools do for you until you do them. For me, it showed seven months after that one day I downloaded that first audiobook: I was 8.5 kg slimmer because I was eating healthier and I had quit smoking for good. Meanwhile, intermittent fasting had also come my way. I found myself at that moment, in my uppie, on a plane to San Francisco, to participate in a live training by psychotherapist Phil Stutz (the creator of the Tools®).

Through this training I learned even more, and of course about myself. I also met some great people there that I am still in touch with. These were people who were in the same boat as me, and also chose to no longer accept a mediocre and superficial life of short-term gratification. They too took control of their own lives and chose to take action precisely on the issues that bothered them most.

Tools have enriched my life on a level I never thought possible before. Six years before the Tools found me I woke up (or finally did), knew what I didn’t want and put a stop to my marriage. But thanks to Tools, something completely different happened: I was now really wide awake and now knew what I did want! While singing, I walked there, alone, across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, toward the direction I wanted to go with my life: to help people make their lives a masterpiece, in every way .

Since that workshop, I have continued to follow everything I could find about The Tools® and have attended several of Phil and Barry’s trainings in America. It is a great honor to be listed as the only coach in Europe (!) on their website that can help people with The Tools® and I do my best every day to remain worthy of that title.